Affordable Web Design Ltd is a full-time professionaL Web Design and Development firm with offices in Kelowna and Calgary.

General Policy

The world of web development can be a confusing place! We at Affordable Web Design Ltd understand that most clients simply want to rely on their web developer to take care of everything. It is however important for prospective clients to understand the division of responsibility for the various facets required within a web project.

We try our best to explain our services to clients, but ask everyone to please read all our policies as displayed on our website - we want to ensure that everyone is "on the same page" and that there are no surprises. It is also important to understand that hiring Affordable Web Design Ltd implies consent to all our stated policies. The website owner is solely responsible for any issues or legal action against them which may occur due to any reason.

Important Disclaimer:

Affordable Web Design Ltd is not responsible for website content, or for website owner business practices, products or services. Although we at Affordable Web Design Ltd try to help our clients as much as possible, approval of website content by the website owner before launching to the internet releases us of any responsibility or liability.

In addition to our normal services, Affordable Web Design Ltd is happy to provide additional services based on our current hourly charge, such as marketing help, content writing, help with normal computer or phone functions not related to web design or hosting, and more.

Affordable Web Design Ltd can help you keep your Social Media pages up-to-date.

All communication, whether in person, via telephone, or via email, is considered part of the web project, and may be subjected to additional time charges.

Affordable Web Design Ltd - will also help you with any marketing requirements, from digital to printed material delivered right to your door.