Affordable Web Design Ltd is a full-time Canadian professional Web Design and Development firm with offices in Kelowna and Calgary.

No hidden fees or other surprises

Most customers just want their web person to take care of all aspects of a web project, but it is important for everyone to understand how responsibility for each part of a web project is divided.

We do try to take care of as much as possible for our clients, but we want to make sure that everyone is "on the same page" and that there are no surprises.

Important Disclaimer:

Affordable Web Design Ltd is not responsible for website content, or for website owner business practices, products or services. Although we at Affordable Web Design Ltd try to help our clients as much as possible, approval of website content by the website owner before launching to the internet releases us of any responsibility or liability.

Affordable Web Design Ltd can help you keep your Social Media pages up-to-date.

Our general policies are simple and straightforward and we ask everyone to read them so that there are no surprises!

Cost Estimates

  • All our estimates are based on whatever time we estimate will be necessary to complete your project based on our past experience of similar styles of projects.
  • Your initial explanation of your needs forms the base of our initial estimate.
  • Our initial estimate is based on a "normal" timeframe to create your kind of project.
  • Click here to read more about what is included in the different kinds of web work we offer.
  • The customer is responsible for providing the majority of the text and images necessary to create an effective project since they know best about their own business.
  • Affordable Web Design Ltd team members are always happy to help enhance your content, and as long as the estimated timeframe can accommodate any changes, there will be no extra charge.
  • If the client requires specific extras, such as special graphics, logos, a large number of images, additional pages over and more, the time charge will vary according to those specific needs.
  • Please check out our Content Writing section to understand the difference between full site content writing and additional guidance or help with your content.
  • Our original estimate is based on receiving all content once only.
  • We are happy to accommodate any client requests, as long as everyone understands that anything over the initially estimated timeframe will incur additional cost.

Other Points to Note

  • Email Service - our POP/IMAP email service is free. We provide all the technical specs you will need to set up your own devices. However, should you be unable to set up your own devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, we recommend contacting computer technicians as that is their expertise.
  • Consultation - all discussions on content or marketing by phone, email or in person are considered part of your project timeframe since it forms part of the overall marketing strategy for your website. As long as you do not exceed the estimated timeframe, this time will be included in the initial cost.
  • Technical services - all technical assistance for hosting and domain registration is included for clients using our affiliated registrar or our hosting. We will also help our clients transfer their current services to our affiliated ones at no additional charge. Those wishing to continue using their current domain name registry and/or hosting services will be responsible for all technical issues with those non-associated third parties.
  • SEO- although we at Affordable Web Design Ltd are proud of our high success rate in helping our client rank highly in their respective top keyword searches, it is crucial to note that due to the vast number of constantly changing variables from the Search Engine providers such as Google, no one can guarantee high ranking through the third party search engines. Anyone making such a claim is in all likelihood misleading you.
  • Programming Instructions- we include one hour of free tutoring. Please note that this free tutoring is for the first person only. Should someone new need instruction at a later date, we will be happy to help based on our normal hourly time fee.
  • Updates and Additions - we are happy to accommodate all customer requests for updates and additions to the initial project, based on our normal hourly time fee.
  • Domain Registration or Hosting Cancellation - unless we are advised of a wish to cancel the domain name or the hosting service by the client at least 14 days prior to expiration of domain name and/or yearly hosting, Affordable Web Design Ltd will automatically renew said services on behalf of the client in order to avoid any interruption in service and the domain name and hosting fees will be due immediately upon receipt of our invoice.