Why choose Affordable Web Design Ltd.

Affordable Web Design Ltd is a full-time professionaL Web Design and Development firm with offices in Kelowna and Calgary.

Professional Web Designers and Developers since 1996

A lot of technological changes took place in 1996 that would shape the world as we know it today. Click here for a quick peek at some of the well-known events that happened in 1996.

From the launching of Google to the advent of Hotmail, that was a pivotal year in the advancement of the internet. It was also the year that our web design business started before incorporating our company under the name of Affordable Web Design Ltd in 2006. We've seen a lot of technical changes in the web design and development industry since then but have always kept up with modern technology in order to best serve all our clients!

First established in Kelowna, BC, Affordable Web Design Ltd.we offered web design services to businesses in Kelowna and surrounding areas. Over time, our Kelowna based web design and development firm grew to such a point that we started to expand, serving clients all across Canada. In 2020, we opened a web design office in Airdrie, BC, serving the Calgary Metropolitan Region.

We love what we do, and it shows! We believe in creating effective designs, making sure they incorporate easy to navigate and attractive pages. We also incorporate "all the right stuff" into our custom web designs to attract internet searches such as through Google and other search engines, as well as enticing potential customers to contact you!

Custom designed just for you!
Affordable Web Design Ltd can help you keep your Social Media pages up-to-date.

Full-time professional custom web designers and developers, focusing our layouts and designs on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.


Full-Time Professionals

Affordable Web Design Ltd offers something a little different than most people who call themselves web designers. With the advent in popularity of premade templates such as Wordpress, many people have jumped on that bandwagon. Although they may be technically skilled, they are using premade templates designed by others for literally millions of uses, what we call a one-size-fits-all. Another issue is that part-time designers quite often will provide services for a short period of time, then " disappear". We are an incorporated company working full-time.

Differences between creating from scratch and using a premade template design.

  • When we at Affordable Web Design Ltd create our custom websites "from scratch" every part of the website is specifically made just for you and your business. The background code, the text, the search engine optimization (SEO), the layout... everything is geared to just your business, your services and your products.
  • When templates are first designed, the specific use is unknown so they need to be a lot more generic in their code and layout. You may not see the background code, but the search engines do.
  • When the purpose of your website is purely to share information about your products or services and you won't be making a lot of changes such as daily or weekly, a website designed from scratch will probably be a lot more successful for you overall. We will do your updates for you a
  • Trying to upkeep a template-based website is not as easy as it sounds- you actually need a fair bit of technical skills, from knowing how to work with images to knowing how to place elements on a page .... it's not really that simple.

When is Wordpress useful?

When it comes down to a matter of budget for websites that need more than just informational pages, we do sometimes recommend using Wordpress in combination with our custom designs, because it might suit our client to be able to use some of the functions offered by Wordpress.

  • For instance, Wordpress is definitely a good way to create a Blog, incorporated into our original custom built website to allow our clients to make current announcements without changing the structure or losing the effectiveness of the custom website.
  • If you need a store and your requirements are very straightforward, the E-Commerce module used in Wordpress does offer a lot of great options. Because the functions are all premade, they take less time and are therefore possibly cheaper than creating all the elements from scratch.
  • However many people find that it can be frustrating when they want a certain option and it is not available in either the Wordpress theme they chose or through the available plugins for Wordpress themes.
  • We offer the choice of both a template based store or a fully customized one, depending on your needs and your budget.