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Do's & Don'ts"

Choosing an effective domain name can really enhance your online presence!

  • Avoid using just letters because they can mean anything - (even if your actual company name is XYZ) doesn't tell your viewers anything about what you offer as a service or product.
  • Keep your domain name as short as you can, although sometimes a longer name simply cannot be avoided.
  • Domain names which include your main business keyword can help. It is not a requirement to use your business name as a domain name. The website itself should display your business name prominently throughout your website.
  • Make sure that no one in your market area has the same name although with a different "extension". For instance if one of your competitors in your area has the domain name, choosing as your domain name would not only confuse your competitor's market, it would confuse yours.

What We Do For You


As part of our "One-Stop-Shop" concept, we partner with a large Canadian Domain Registrar to offer domain name registration services.

  • We will help you research the best name possible, and we will look after the registration and renewals for you.
  • The ideal domain name should indicate who you are and what you do, using keywords to describe your products or services.For instance, clearly indicates what you sell.
  • The term of the domain registration can be from one year up to nine years. Most of our clients ask us to register their name for one year, and we ensure that it is renewed the following year.
  • All domain name registrations are registered in the name of the business owner.
  • We put our contact information on the worldwide directory listing in order to protect our clients from being inundated with spammers and scammers, but the domain is yours!

Transferring Domains

Most of our new clients who have domain names at other registrars, for example Go Daddy, prefer to transfer their domain to our services to have every together under "one roof". Here is the process:

  • There are technical steps to follow and we will do the tech stuff for you.
  • You must have your user name and password to enter your current registrar account - you may need to contact your current hosting service to get that information.
  • Although most Registrars do not hinder the transfer process, there are some who deliberately make it difficult in order to hopefully discourage you from moving your domain name away from them.
  • Once you have access to your own account, we will start the process from our Registrar's end.
  • Domain name transfers are fairly quick, depending on which Registrar you are moving your domain from.
  • There is a bit of a time lapse to account for the propagation of the domain name server information across the world wide web, usually 5 business days.

Transferring Domains To Another Registrar

Should you ever decide you want to go somewhere else for your web services, you take your domain name with you. Any up-to-date account owner can transfer their domain name to wherever they wish - just one technical step and it's done!

Choosing a good domain name can be very helpful for your online web presence.

Technical Services

Affordable Web Design Ltd offers many different web realted technical services.
Affordable Web Design Ltd offers website hosting services.
Affordable Web Design Ltd offers many different technical services, such as hosting and domain name registration.
Affordable Web Design Ltd offers many additional web and business related services to our web work clients.