Affordable Web Design Ltd will set up a Blog attached to your custom website and you can then maintain it yourself.

Maintain Your Blog


We can add blog technology directly to your existing informational static website, which will help in keeping your content updated.

A blog incorporated into your existing custom website is an easy way for a business owner to keep their site updated themselves, without touching the main pages and disturbing the effectiveness of the SEO elements incorporated into your custom website by professionals such as Affordable Web Design Ltd.

The word "blog" comes from "web log" and is technology that allows non-technical people to upload information to the internet without needing any prior computer language knowledge. Although there are free blog sites where you can upload information about your products and services, because these are not directly associated with your website, they are not an effective way to keep your website content from going "stale".

Our Affordable Web Design Ltd will use a Wordpress framework to add a blog to your existing website.


If non-technical people start making changes to existing text and images, they may be affecting the special Search Engine Optimization work that is added"behind the scenes". They may also make unintentnional and unwanted changes to layouts and affect the professional look of a page. We therefore create our custom websites as static sites.

When a website owner wants to be able to control a section of the website so that they can make announcements, add pictures, and anything else they want to be visible to their potential customers, blog technology allows them to do so without worry.

Although the majority of our customers have static websites where we do the updates for them, if they want to be able to add some content themselves, we incorporate a Wordpress section which then allows the website owner to add whatever they want in "plain English".

Let's discuss your requirements to determine whether a Wordpress blog will suit your business needs.