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As Canadian web developers operating since 1996, we have been contributing to our clients' online success for a very long time!!!

Selling your products online has become the new norm for many Canadian businesses. Because of this, there are lots of cheap online websites that make it sound really easy but there's a huge difference between "pretty" and "effective". We at Affordable Web Design Ltd have been helping clients to have effective websites and stores for many years!

In order to help you in that regard, we offer 2 different levels of service.

  • Template Based Store: We offer an online store option created using Wordpress, a template-based software that allows us to set up your store for you using a premade theme to reflect your needs. We will set up the store, and then it's a matter of you maintaining it. The cost includes a one-hour tutorial on how to work with your store elements. However please note that knowledge of the basics of computer functions is needed to work with Wordpress.

  • CUSTOM STORE: Our custom online store option is a great choice for people who are looking for a "full-meal-deal". This option incorporates a full static website with up to 10 pages to explain all about your products and services, plus an extremely-easy-to-use administration panel to look after all your store products. The only technical requirement needed is to have a basic understanding of working with pictures. We are happy to assist in that regard as well by guiding you through the process of how to upload product photos into your webstore.

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Affordable Web Design Ltd offers a variety of online store solutions based on your needs and your budget!