Affordable Web Design Ltd, Kelowna based web design and development firm serving all Canadian locations, offers low cost basic designs plus CMS to look after your own changes.


4-page "Basic Business Bundle" Design + Content Management System

$999.00 + applicable taxes

Affordable Web Design Ltd offers this package for anyone wanting to look after their own small website content within a very limited budget. This package is a perfect web solution for the small business wanting a presence on the internet and planning to use other means to attract customers, for the candidate running for a position either in government or an organization, or someone just needing some sort of online presence.

This "package" design is a step up from our Basic Business Bundle because it allows the website owner to look after their website pages themselves, but without having to design anything to begin with, such as what is offered by most of our lower-cost competitor systems. Maintaining something that is already there is usually a lot easier than trying to come up with the initial layout and content yourself!

At $999.99, this design is ideal as a great place to start in the world of web!

Affordable Web Design Ltd helps small businesses with their basic web presence.


The Business Basic Plus package offers 4 pages of content, as well as an administration section where you can update the existing content and pictures that we created for you. This package also includes your first year of " hosting service " on our server, a $120 value.

This package is based on receiving the following supplied from our clients in an electronic format (on a flash drive or in an email):

  • your logo
  • your heading
  • your contact Information
  • photos (usually maximum 3 to a page)
  • whatever short text you wish to submit per page, with a total of 4 pages.

We reserve the right to edit the content and images as given by the client in order to ensure a good fit into the pre-designed layout.

If you need more than just the very basics, we recommend that you visit our custom designs page to see how a customized website, which includes the necessary search engine parameters, can still be cost effective for your business.

Affordable Web Design Ltd helps small businesses with their basic web presence.