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We are very often contacted by potential clients who are complaining that their current website is not effective, can't be found, is really old-looking.... So what is involved in a re-design of a website created by someone else?

First of all, if you don't find your current website effective, it might be best to "go back to the drawing board"! It can be for a variety of reasons, from the general look and layout of each of the web pages, to the background coding, to the lack of proper search engine optimization. When even one of those things is "off", then you might be better off having us simply redo the whole site from scratch. We can then determine if we can reuse any of the existing content and images.

If your current design has been created using a "pre-made" template, trying to work with that existing coding and page structure will in all likelihood take a whole lot longer than just redesigning the whole structure from scratch. Templates usually have very specific coding which was never designed to try to make changes to.

Even if your old website wasn't created using a template design, Images from old sites are sized according to the content of that old site. Images cannot be made larger without having the original image on file, so the chances are that these images will not be reusable in a remake.

Contact us and we will be happy to give you a free, no obligation estimate of cost and other steps involved in remaking your current website. We will always give you our honest opinion on what will probably be best for you, whether it just involves working with your current design, or recommending a customized redesign.