We only update your website when you need it - no monthly maintenance fees!


We will update and maintain your site an "as needed" basis. We charge our normal hourly fee ($90.00/hr) and will only bill for the time needed, with no monthly minimum charge.

We try to make it as simple as possible for you, and we also get your changes done as quickly as we can, usually within 24 hours on weekdays.

You just e-mail us your changes, specifying where you want them, as well as any images you want us to swap for you and we do the rest.

We will optimize and size them, then insert them into the appropriate web page. Just remember that all steps take time in web design so the more images you send, or the more research is required on your behalf, the higher the time factor and thus the cost.

Although we do offer special programming called a "Content Management System" that allows you to look after your website content yourself, it is often more cost effective for you to hire us to do update your site for you. Unless you need to make changes throughout your website on a regular basis, it may be quicker, easier and cheaper for you to just send us whatever needs to be updated. We only charge for the time it takes to do the change.

Whichever method you choose, we highly recommend that you make changes to your website every now and then to keep it "refreshed" and thus keep it from falling in the search engine rankings.

We also can look after your Facebook and other social media pages if you don't have the time, since once you have a social media page, it's important to keep it updated! We'll even write the content for you as well, if needed!