Our General Policy

When you agree to hire Affordable Web Design Ltd, implied consent to these policies will be assumed unless otherwise stated in writing by the client before we begin work on their project.

So that everyone is fully aware of the various facets of web design and other parts of our services, we ask all our potential, new and existing clients to please read the following carefully. Getting a business web design can be a daunting task, depending on the level of understanding and knowledge a client may have with regards to all the facets involved in the completion of a web project.

Although we do our best to help our clients every step of the way, it is important for the client to understand that since all estimates are based on time quotes, if the client's needs pushes us beyond the original time estimate, we are happy to do all extra work, but extra work takes time. It should therefore be understood that if the client wants specific extras, such as a large number of images, special graphics, logos, different banners on different pages, additional pages, and so on, the time charge will be beyond the initially quoted time estimate and will vary according to those specific needs.


Please note that due to the low cost of the Basic Business Bundle package, these websites are created with the use of pre-made templates and do not contain any Search Engine Optimization processes. Their purpose is to have a "presence only" website to which the client can drive their existing clients or clients obtained through other means such as advertising, business cards, etc. The general layout cannot be changed, and all images must fit within the parameters of the pre-made layout. Please note that in order to stay within the very low timeframe of these website, the client must give us the content and images exactly as they wish to have them on their pages. Although we are happy to help with the writing of the content and the layout, as well as to process many pictures, please be advised that the time needed to do so will be calculated over and above the initial timeframe and will add to the cost.. Click here to visit the Basic Business Bundle page.

Affordable Web Design is a low cost Canadian web development firm serving all locations around the world


Although we are always happy to assist our clients with regards to content, layout, marketing, computer issues, etc, the initial estimate of 18 hours is based on receiving all text and graphics in a "page ready" format, which means that you the client have supplied. Since additional help required once we begin the process is an unknown factor at the time of the initial estimate, we can only base our original estimate on our past experiences regarding average time requirement generally needed to produce such a website. Because web design time depends on so many factors, the initial cost estimate is based upon the time we would normally take to incorporate all the requirements as you have explained them to us.

The basic customized web design for which we estimate 18 hours includes the following points:

  • Our basic customized websites are static websites. Requirements such as programming for content management systems, e-stores, etc, are additional to the 18-hour estimate.
  • Approximately 10-12 pages, depending on the number of images necessary for each page. for instance, if one of your pages is a gallery of photos, then the extra time needed to code all the photos would then mean a lower number of overall pages in order to keep to the initial time estimate.
  • The incorporation of search engine optimization elements on every page of the website, including changing some of the text in order to ensure relevancy.
  • The time estimate is based on receiving all content, including general layout preference, text, images, graphics, colour scheme, etc, once, in an electronic format (e-mail or on CD or DVD) from the client, as well as receiving the content in an already structured division of pages (client gives us the names of the various pages they want their website divided into, such as "Home" page (also known as the Welcome page), "About Us" page, "Products/Services" page, etc).
  • a "slideshow" featuring an average of 4-8 images provided by the client. The images used in slides must all be the same final size, and must therefore be easily "croppable" to achieve a "long and narrow" effect.

We do however often help our clients with layout, content, images, etc, because our clients are not always knowledgeable with what should go into their website. That being the case, although we are more than willing to do so, please be advised that having us create the website but then requiring additional elements or changes once you see what we have produced will in most cases mean additional time over and above the original estimate.

  • In situations where the client asks us to create a design based on our own expertise, we will discuss the layout with you and show you examples.
  • Once you agree with our examples and our plans for the website (layout, colours, placement of pictures and text) we will then create the website based on your agreement
  • Any requested changes or additions to the design once it is completed will be accommodated but may result in additional time for which you will be responsible if over the originally estimated timeframe.

Any excess is charged at our normal hourly rate. Clients who are concerned with budget and who do not wish to exceed the initially quoted timeframe need not worry- we will let you know if any of your requirements are actually beyond what is normally included in our 16-hour estimate, or it looks like we will be going over the requested time if you give us certain content even after we have begun the project.

Because this basic customized design forms the basis of all our custom designs, we are happy to build upon this base as you require.

  • For example, should you require a larger number of pages, or a large number of photos, you should expect that the 18-hour estimate would be exceeded accordingly.
  • Any extra work with images in order to find them, or size them to fit on the pages or in a slideshow format can sometimes take a lot of extra time, which again could cause the initial timeframe estimate to be exceeded.
  • Should you be unable to supply all graphics and content in a "page ready" format, it is highly possible that the additional work required of us will in all likelihood cause us to exceed the initial 18-hour estimate.
  • Should you wish to consult with us with regards to marketing issues, we are happy to help but additional consultation could cause us to exceed the initial estimated time and may lead to additional cost.
  • The one-time cost of the web design does not include any future updating, changes, additions, or deletions. All such work is welcome but must be charged out at our usual hourly rate.

With regards to the intellectual property rights of a web design created by Affordable Web Design Ltd or any of its affiliated contractors, Affordable Web Design Ltd acknowledges that as long as there are no outstanding balances on a client's account, the client owns the rights to their websites, except for any specifically copyrighted photos taken by Affordable Web Design Ltd and lent to the client at no cost for their project as long as the client is an active web design client of Affordable Web Design Ltd.

Click here to view the "Custom Websites" page.


Hosting is charged by the year, in advance, and is non-refundable. Hosting is provided by a reliable third party affiliated with Affordable Web Design Ltd and troubleshooting for server-side errors is included in the yearly hosting cost.

Yearly Domain Name Registration is paid out on behalf of the client to a third-party registrar, and domain name registration fees are non-refundable.

These services are offered by Affordable Web Design Ltd in order to make it easier on the client by having a "one-stop-shop", however Affordable Web Design Ltd is not responsible for any third party equipment usage, failures, or other situations involving third party services.


Setting up a new client's email account on our affiliated server is included in the cost of hosting.  At the time of this initial email account set up, we will set up the different email accounts required by the client and will provide all access information to the client (incoming server/outgoing server information, user name and password). Setting up the email accounts on our server will enable the client to access their email addresses through the Webmail system, which allows the client to access their email from any computer or peripheral with internet access

Please note that although the initial setup of your email accounts is included in our yearly non-refundable hosting costs, subsequent changes to those accounts may incur time charges.

Please note that setting up email accounts on the client's own desktop computer, laptop, SmartPhone, Tablet, etc, is the responsibility of the client and is not a function of either web design or web hosting.  Should the client forget their user name and password, Affordable Web Design Ltd will email the necessary access codes and server settings to the client, so that either the client or a computer technician, or other technical help may then do the setup on the client's behalf.


Consultation with regards to marketing help, the writing or changing of website content, or help with normal computer functions not related to web design or hosting, whether in person, via telephone, or via email, is provided by our staff but must also be charged out on an hourly basis if it causes us to go over the originally estimated timeframe. Such consultation, whether by phone or in person, is considered part of the original timeframe estimate for the project. Any glitches or errors on our part will of course never be charged.


Affordable Web Design Ltd. is not responsible for any follow up or changes which may need to be done with any non-affiliated third party, such as another registrar or hosting service other than the ones used on a regular basis by Affordable Web Design Ltd. We will gladly help those of our clients who may be unable to do such follow-up, but this consultation must be charged out at our current hourly rate.

Due to the nature of computers and computer equipment, although we will do our utmost to quickly resolve issues arising from any possible problems occurring with our affiliated server equipment when clients are hosted through us,  Affordable Web Design Ltd. is not responsible nor liable for any loss of business or other associated costs incurred due to third party equipment failure or any facet which is the responsibility of the third party service providers.


Although we at Affordable Web Design Ltd do our best to help our clients rank highly in internet searches, such searches are governed by external third party providers, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. We therefore are not responsible for any search engine ranking since this service is provided by outside influences beyond our control. We at Affordable Web Design Ltd will always do our best to incorporate the current SEO parameters at the time of the initial web design work for all our customized designs. This service is offered at no extra charge and any search engine optimization work incorporated into the website for the client is a one-time service only.

Since a website's "ranking" is very dependent upon using the most relevant keywords to a specific business, as well as a great many factors involving outside influences, "ranking" can fluctuate widely over time. We recommend that all clients keep in mind that websites can "become stale" if they have not had any changes in a while so it is important to keep the websites as up to date as possible. We are always willing to go back into a website and revise the SEO parameters, at our normal hourly time charge.

Although we are proud of our high success rate in helping our client rank highly in their respective keyword searches, please be advised that due to the vast number of constantly changing variables present in internet searches, Affordable Web Design Ltd., as with other search engine optimization (SEO) services, does not guarantee ranking, nor is it responsible for the appearance of information in the various search engines, which each have their own particular ways of retrieving information from a website and subsequently displaying it.


When we incorporate programming modules into a client's website, we create what is considered a very user-friendly administration panel. Our programming costs include up to one hour of instruction on how to use the administration panel interface. However, when a client is wanting to look after all content, or parts of the content of a website, there is the assumption of at least basic computer knowledge. Basic computer knowledge means basic knowledge of common computger functions, such as where to find files on your computer, how to upload files such as photos, .pdf files, copy and paste functions, etc. Should the person assigned by the client as their "administrator" need further instructions beyond the initial first hour of explanations, or should the client change administrators and need new instruction, Affordable Web Design Ltd will be happy to offer such instructions at a normal hourly time fee.

In situations where Affordable Web Design Ltd has incorporated any programming into the website, we will ensure that everything is in good working order. However, should a problem occur which has been caused by the client uploading a corrupted file, we will help solve any issue but must charge for the programmer's time to troubleshoot. Any changes in requirements after the initial programming quote may necessitate some additional charges to the client although we will do everything we can to accommodate the client's request.

Technological advances in servers, software, and other computer-related situations can sometimes cause older programming to fail in certain circumstances. Although we use the latest technology at the time of working on your project, we are not responsible for changes in techology affecting any programming which could potentially happen over the years. We will be happy to try to rectify any issues, but will charge the current hourly rate to do so.