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Domain Name Registrations

At Affordable Web Design™, we try to make things as easy as possible for our clients by offering a ONE-STOP SHOP,

    Affordable Web Design offers a very low cost starter website, great for candidates running for office, or very budget minded who just need a basic web presence.

    We have joined up with a well-known Canadian Domain Name Registrar to offer domain name registration at competitive rates.

    Although there are some cheap domain registration places out there, the small extra cost that we charge will be well worth it so that we can do all the work for you! Unless you are a web expert and can easily manoeuvre through other third party registrar websites, you will find that it can be an incredible hassle.

    Domain name registration is paid yearly, in advance, and is not refundable. In order to ensure that you do not lose your domain name when it comes time to renewal, we will automatically renew your hosting for you. If you don't want us to renew it for the following year, please ensure that we receive cancellation notice at least two weeks prior to the expiration date. We pay out to our third party affiliated on your behalf so that there is no interruption in service, and that renewal fee is not refundable.

    For our clients who are unsure of the domain name search procedure, we can help you research the best domain name for your business.


    $25.00 + tax per year for .com, .net, .org, .mobi

    $30.00 + applicable tax per year for .ca and .tel

    We know that many of our clients are not comfortable with dealing with such matters as domain registration, which can be very confusing at times, so we make life simple - we will help you research a good domain name, we will register it for you in your name, through our through our affiliated registrar, and will do the technical steps necessary to tie in your new domain name to your new website, all at no extra charge!