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Logos and Other Graphics

At Affordable Web Design Ltd, our many years of marketing knowledge help us provide you with a complete branding package.


An additional service offered by Affordable Web Design™ is the creation of custom graphics. Need a logo for your website, as well as your print needs? We can even help you design your logo, business card, rack cards and any other print material. Our charges for this service are highly competitive, and our graphics artists are creative professionals.


Unable to provide images for your new website? No problem. We can do research on your behalf for the most appropriate images to suit your website needs. However, there are some important guidelines to keep in mind.


Obtaining images from the Google Image pages or from other websites on the internet is often an easy enough image source, but there are issues to keep in mind.

Researching images for you


"Flash" technology has long been the most widely used program for web animation but has recently been replaced by a more user-friendly version called "JQuery". This technology allows for similar animation but is compatible with all makes of SmartPhones and tablets, such as Apple, Android, etc. From simple "fading in and out" images to full "animated film" type of effects, we at Affordable Web Design™ can create eye-catching results.


There are many occasions when our clients wish to incorporate video into their website. Since file sizes an important factor in being able to quickly open up a page to view it, there are sometimes issues with the size of the video. We at Affordable Web Design™ will simply figure out the best way to feature your video. Contact us for more information on incorporating videos into your website.