Web Design Costs

There are many facets involved in the creation of a web design and the total cost depends on what services you require.

  • domain name - this is your unique address and you can have different "extensions", such .com, .ca, .net, .co.uk, etc.
  • domain hosting - the technical aspect of making your website visible on the internet.
  • web design - can vary from just a few pages to hundreds of pages.
  • programming - for such things as E-stores and catalogs, photo galleries, content management systems, etc.
  • other needs - a wide variety of services are offered.

Steps to follow for a customized web design project

Register a domain name - This is a yearly registration (multiple years also available) and can vary depending on the domain registrar. Affordable Web Design Ltd. is affiliated with a large Canadian based Registrar. We will do all the set up work for you. Check out our Domain Registration page for more details.

Set up a hosting account- Hosting can vary greatly (most average between $10 and $25 a month). Affordable Web Design Ltd. charges CAD$10 per month for an average-sized website, payable on a yearly basis. This also includes full support, full nightly backup of your files and full email service with up to 15 email addresses set up at the time of initial setup of your account. Check out our Yearly Hosting service page for all details.

Creating your website - Affordable Web Design Ltd. is highly competitive among professional web designers, no matter what you need in your website. With Affordable Web Design Ltd, your website is a one-time cost only, and only further updates and maintenance will be charged at an hourly rate at the time you need them. Check out our Custom Design page for all details.

Starter Package- "Basic Business Bundle"

For those who have a very small budget but still require an internet presence, we have developed a very basic, no frills (no search engine optimization), website package. This "online brochure" type of website is $600.00 + tax and includes hosting for the first 12-month period (a $120 value). Click here to read more about our Basic Business Bundle.

Currently have an existing domain name, or hosting somewhere else?

Affordable Web Design Ltd. is still very pleased to create your website for you and you may continue your domain name registration and/or hosting with a third party if you wish. We do not force anyone to switch to us for domain name registration or hosting, although many of our clients find it more convenient to have everything in one place.

Affordable Web Design is a low cost Canadian web development firm serving all locations around the world

For more information about the various facets of web design and to discuss your particular web design and development needs, please contact us and we will be pleased to give you a no-obligation project estimate.