Affordable Web Design offers Content Writing services


Normal practice in the web design industry is to require the client to submit all content exactly as they want it, and it is not the web designer's responsibility to correct any spelling mistakes, syntax errors or typos. The thought process is that since it is YOUR business, it is up to you to write about it.

It is true that it's YOUR business, but we at Affordable Web Design™ understand that the majority of business owners are simply not comfortable having to write out all the content for the individual web pages, either because of time constraints, or just that they don't like writing. Fair enough- we can help!

In the case where the client submits all their content, we will "proof read" and try to catch any spelling mistakes or other errors. Since there is no such thing as "spellcheck" in web design coding, we do our best to catch all errors for the client, at no additional charge.

In situations where the client gives us content but it is not complete, we again will do our best to make all the content on all the pages make sense. We will let you know what appears to be missing, and will guide you with regards to what still needs to be submitted, again at no extra charge as long as you are within the originally estimated timeframe. If such changes cause us to exceed the originally estimated timeframe, we only charge for whatever extra time it takes, based on our normal hourly fee.

Sometimes,clients simply have no clue what to put into their pages or will give us only a small number of paragraphs to make up the content of an entire website. In these cases, we will put on our "Content Writer" hats and will help you out! In among our many talents is "content writing" ability and yes we are able to fill in what you are missing.However, contrary to the industry average Web Writer fee of about $0.30 a word, we will do your content writing again just based on our regular hourly fee, not the industry average of $0.30 per word which generally works out to much, much higher!!!