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Many people think that as soon as they have a website, they will be automatically found through searches. This is simply NOT the case!

Others think that they rank highly because when they type in their own domain name into the search bar and it shows up at the top of the page. This is not ranking - if people don't know the exact words you have in your domain name, they probably won't find you.

Ranking is the order in which you show up on a search engine's page for your specific keywords, which would be the main word or combination of words that people would type in in order to find you and your specific type of business.

The most ideal place to be is on the first page of the search since it is a proven fact that most people won't go beyond the second page, and often won't go beyond the first page when looking for a specific type of product or service.

For example, if you type in "low cost web design", as an example, you will find Affordable Web Design Ltd among the first few listings at the top of the list. THAT'S PROOF of being well-ranked! If you read the "number of matches", you will see that we are usually tops among nearly 300 million matches... not too shabby... and what we do for ourselves we do for all our clients as well!

Affordable Web Design Ltd has made sure that they are familiar with all the current SEO techniques in order to help their clientsSearch Engine Optimization is a very complex process and although everyone is bombarded with people wanting to do SEO for them, most if not all of those people have absolutely no skills in truly helping you rank in internet searches. There are hundreds if not thousands of factors involved in SEO and only the true professionals such as ourselves can really be of service to you in that regard

Most SEO services will charge big bucks on a monthly basis but Affordable Web Design™ does not. We add all the important factors right into our designs as we are doing them for you, at no extra cost other than the time it takes to work on your project.

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